Silky ULTRA ACCEL 240 Folding Handsaw Curved

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This is the middle-ground saw we chose from Silky.  Not too big to go into your day pack, not too small to get out-classed by a 10" tree.  It's built like a non-folding saw, but allows you to tuck it away like a POCKETBOY.


From Silky's site:

Finally! A folding saw that you can hold on to but works like it’s fixed-blade cousins. Built with a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum chassis, the Silky Ultra Accel with 240-mm curved blade features an easy-grip rubberized handle to make it easy on your paws. The legendary cutting ability of Silky and the engineered smoothness that is synonymous with the name are all included—as you would expect. The Ultra Accel moves the folding saw beyond the “Daddy, can I help you?” category and off the porch with the big dogs. 9.5-in. blade, 19.88-in. overall length, large teeth 10.2 oz (289 grams)

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