Aid For Advocacy

We offer discounts!

We offer trail associations & other trail building organizations "Affiliated Builder" lists:

Are you in charge of managing tools for your builders with your local trail association or other organization?  Tired of having to either a) manage their spending with receipts, etc or b) order them tools and deliver them, etc?  Want to know a better way?  Start an Affiliated Builder list with Cascadia. 

  • You register your organization with us.
  • You give us a list of your Affiliated Builders and we assign a unique Builder ID to each along with an annual spending cap.
  • They order tools from us and use their Builder ID to pay for the tools.
  • We issue an invoice direct to the organization for payment.

    Please inquire for more details as we roll out, expand and augment this innovative program.

    Cascadia giving back to local trails

    • 5% of full-priced purchases will go back in to maintaining trails via IMBA Canada and local trail associations.
    • Annual reports on what our program accomplished in the trail development and support can be requested here.