COVID Operations and Stock-outs

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COVID Operations and Stock-outs

Hi Trailbuilders,

This is a time like no other we've experienced.  And in times like these it is nice that for now, even in most locked-down areas that getting out alone, and slinging some dirt is still allowed and safe.  And we'd love nothing more than to get you out slinging dirt with the best tools.  However, we're faced with a few challenges to get you those tools and you'll likely notice we're out of stock on many of our Rogue and other tools.  We are facing supply-chain challenges like most other operations and the Rogue tools come from the US, where they are seeing some of the most profound effects of the COVID pandemic.

So, here's what we're doing:

1) we're working to take back-order requests and will fill them in a first-in, first-out arrangement.  If you send an email to with the tools you want, we'll put you in the queue and when they come in, you'll be the first to hear about it.

2) we're still shipping orders we do have in-stock.  It is taking longer for us to fulfill them, and longer for couriers to deliver them, but they are still going out.  Please be patient with us and everyone!  We're all in this together!!!

3) we encourage you to build alone.  Normally, building with a buddy is preferred for safety, but in these unique times, it calls for unique actions.  Don't take any risks that are unnecessary.  But if you need to get out and dig, do so safely, and preferably alone.  Or with people you are already isolating with.

4) we're updating pricing regularly to suit the changing exchange rate.  Tools we source from the US get exchanged to CAD.  And that rate has been quite volatile of late.  Price changes will occur to suit.  We are not raising prices, just working to not lose our shirt!  Our pricing plan: match the USD retail price, exchanged to CAD + a small charge for importation costs.

We hope you and the entire trail-loving community stays safe and well during this time.  We also hope to get you the tools you want as soon as we can.

Thanks for all your support and doing what you do.

Cascadia Builders