2021 - The Year of Back Order Management

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2021 - The Year of Back Order Management

Hello to you all.  Hope you are staying safe and truly well in 2021.  We're looking to get through the pandemic in this year (please!), but the legacy of shortage of supply remains.  If Volkswagen can't make cars cause they can't get chips, you can only imagine how small businesses like ours are dealing!

We recently released a batch of tools for sale.  So everyone knows what we are doing, here's the basics:

- We have a standing order with Rogue at all times.  We'll take a batch of tools as soon as they can make them for us.

- They are seeing overwhelming demand combined with COVID delays and now a weather crisis (they got as cold as Texas) so they are filling orders slower than normal.

These forces combine to create a chronic supply shortage.

As noted in a previous post, we're managing this with an informal back order form (LINK). 

We are taking your request, and taking your email address.  We are adding those tools to our standing order.  So we will eventually get tools in that you are after.  But we don't have the ability, nor reliable enough supply to create a 1 to 1 back order queue.  We had tried that early on in the pandemic and it didn't go so well.  So, we are doing as noted and when we get a batch of tools, the people on the back order list are the first to get a heads up.  We aren't publishing the tool availability publicly so you should get access to what you were after - provided we were able to get it.

If you didn't get what you want, you can email sales@ctbsupply.com and let us know and we can try to make your order a priority for the next batch that comes in.  But that is not a guarantee, just a promise to do our best.  We can guarantee to do our best always.  This is something we never designed our business to handle.  No one did, so let's just keep working together to get through it.

We will have some exciting news to deliver all spring related to new tool offerings @ Cascadia.  We have some new partnerships popping up that will add to our ability to supply you with tools.  Stay tuned for those updates.

In the meantime, stay safe and well.  And keep digging too.  I can say that trails are a big part of our mental health regime during these crazy times - both building them, and experiencing them!

Happy Trails to you in 2021.

- Team Cascadia