Backslope Haul All

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We are pleased to offer to Canada - Backslope's tool series.  This one: the Haul All

Name tells the bulk of it.  It Hauls All.  It's a tough weave built to help you share the load.  Need to move that 300lb boulder?  You can phone a friend and work together.  Best part: it's super light and doesn't soak up moisture so it stays that way.

**Carry Poles not included.

  • Material: PVC Polyester

  • Working Load: 300lbs

  • Min / Max temperature range: -40℉ to 180℉

  • Water Resistant

  • Small: 30" x 45"

  • Large: 60" x 50"

From Backslope's website:

The Haul All is the perfect tool for moving large or heavy objects by hand. The Haul All was born out of the desire to combine the heavy-duty carrying strength of high tensile rope, with the flexibility and weight savings of a webbing material.

The Haul All can adapt to a variety of transport scenarios. Its packability and small form factor when folded make it easy to transport to remote locations and the flexible nature ensures your hands don't get ripped to shreds under heavy loads.