Aluminum Pry Bar

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We often get asked: why did my tool handle break?  To which we reply - "What were you doing?".  99 times out of 100 - prying up a rock.

To that we say - there's a tool for that!  And we picked a good one for your trail building duties.  Pry bars weigh a ton so that sucks for hauling into the bush.  However - we have a tool for that too!  Aluminum pry bar.  It's not as tough as a steel one, but it is literally built do do the thing that broke your shovel handle.  And only weighs 2.1kg so for the haul, it's not a burden.  1.2m long, good enough with a 200lb trailbuilder on the other end to lift a pretty big rock from it's resting place.


Made by Hultafors - this thing means business.