Tool Talk - A blog about Cascadia and the tools we carry

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Tool Talk - A blog about Cascadia and the tools we carry

We've decided to start blogging.  Why, you ask, would you want to blog about tools?  We think that there's a story behind tools, just like the trails that they help to build.  We want to tell the story for each tool - why we have it listed on our site, what it's good for (and maybe not good for) and also relay customer feedback.

For starters - you might be asking yourself "why are they out of stock on all the Rogue Hoes?".  We've just started carrying them this year (2018) and are still learning the patterns for what's popular, what's not and how many to carry of said popular tools.  We have stock orders coming in regularly, but they do take time.  So instead of offering back orders on Rogue Hoe products and making you wait 4-6 weeks for your tool order, we mark them out of stock until we have more to sell.  If you see one that is out of stock and want to get it on our next order - send us an email:  For all our standard tools and accessories, we source them closer to home so the lead-time is much less and we do allow back orders on those items.

We have our fall order of Rogue Hoes and builder bags due in mid-October so check back then for a fresh supply of tools to peruse.

Next post, next week: "what's so special about Rogue Hoes anyway?".