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Rogue Hoes for Canada

So, we'd like to fill you in on a little secret.  Rogue Hoes are awesome.  Seriously, just awesome.  And we're not just saying that.  Yes, we sell the here at Cascadia, but we do that because we have come to learn how awesome they are and want to share that with the trail builders of the world.

What makes them awesome?  From one of our happy customers - "they make me more productive building trail than anything else in the 15 years I've been doing this".  The tools are purpose-built, trail building machines.  Each one has a different purpose, and will thrive in different environments, doing different jobs.  You might be working in sandy, dry dirt.  Or maybe in soft, wet, west-coast loam with lots of roots.  All tools are not created equal for all jobs, so we'll give you some of our highlights based on our experience:

The multifunction series. 







Rogue Hoe - Hoe/Rake


We find these beauts do well in mixed soil conditions.  We've used them in sandy and gravel-ey (gravel-ish?) work areas with great success.  They chop out small roots and branches with ease and the rake allows you to smooth, and move material where it's needed.  Bench cutting is a breeze.  Final touches - the head makes a good tamp to set things in place.  Truly a multi-faceted device.  The Travis Tool is the king of this category, but don't overlook the Hoe/Rakes in a 5.5" or 7" head.

Straight hoes.


Rogue Hoe 60JThis is the namesake for the tools and they have a fairly straightforward offering - cutting the crap and moving the dirt.  With sizes from 5" up to an 8" usually in-stock and other smaller and bigger options available via custom order, there's a hoe for every size of job and builder.  The larger versions (7"+) are quite heavy.  Those heavy heads make it easy to power through tough terrain, but also tax the arms on a long day of building.  For an all-day affair, we like the 55H or 60H.  They are the right weight to move material and not too heavy to beat you up too badly.  But I'm also an average-sized builder, so if you are looking to size up a tool, let us know what your thinking and we can give you a recommendation.


Check out Rogue's video using a 55H to repair drains and grade here.

These are just two of our favorites in a wide-range of tools available from Rogue Hoe.  We can get any of the tools listed in their catalog, so if you see something from them you like and it's not listed on our site, or not in-stock, send us an email.


Next up from us: Some of our favorite accessories to compliment Rogue's Tools.